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are you looking for a Book or ebook cover artist to create a Custom Designed Book Cover for your Book or eBook? If you are still debating whether to hire an artist to design your eBook cover for you, consider the following:

1) People do judge books by their covers, and your ebook cover is going the be a potential reader’s first impression of your book. Don’t let it be their last impression, too. Cover your ebook with great art!
eBooks with some kind of cover- even a poorly designed one – will sell more copies than eBooks with no cover at all
eBooks with professional covers sell a lot more copies than ebooks with covers made with cover image-generator software or templates (i.e. poorly designed ones), or by inexperienced artists.
You are competing with hundreds of thousands of other ebooks on those electronic shelves. Give yourself the edge you need to not only be seen, but selected and bought over the other ebooks out there.


eBook cover design samples

murder ebook cover Saturn ebook cover Robot ebook cover
Spartacus Imperator Life ebook cover Love ebook cover
sex games people play in bed ebook cover The US governments lies ebook cover erotic sex ebook cover
3D ebook cover Micro Mavens samurai ebook cover
Simmons From Accounting rock and roll ebook cover rock and roll ebook cover


ebook cover samples (series)

Backup Master of Plagues Saving the Virgin Sacrifice
Dance of Seduction Ericas - Awakening Erica - Journey


POD (Print on Demand Samples)

iain moss iain moss



1) Send me an email describing your ebook project with the following details:

* the book’s title
* the author’s name or the pen name as it should appear on the cover
* any blurbs or endorsements that you want on the cover
* who your target audience is
* what you would like to communicate to your readers in your cover picture
* other specific details like colors or type of font (if you know what kind you want)
* attach any images that you would like to incorporate into the cover (must be at least 300dpi)
* a summary/description of your book. The better I understand your story, the smoother and quicker the creation process will go. I encourage you to look for books with similar topics to yours at or and copy and paste links to those books’ images in your mail to me so I can see them, too. Or you can just link to covers that you like or have the same kind of feeling you are after.

2) After I have reviewed your project needs, I will contact you and we will talk about a timeline for completion and the cost. The time to completion and the cost will both depend on the amount of work and complexity of your desired design. Based on your input, I will create a simple concept cover for your review. If the concept cover is acceptable to you, I will begin working on the final product. At this time you will need to pay a $100.00 deposit. This will be applied to/subtracted from your total when the project is completed to your satisfaction.

3) Once the final product is completed, I will send you a watermarked copy for your review. I will work with you until you have the cover that you want. You get 5 free major revisions with your order. Extra revisions are $25.oo each.

However, I will make changes to your title and or blurb all the way up to the publication for free as I know that these can change many times before a book’s actual publishing.

4) After you have approved the completed ebook cover, I will send you a PayPal invoice that you can pay conveniently with your credit card or PayPal account.

5) Once I have confirmed your PayPal payment, I will immediately send you your completed cover image(s) with the watermark removed, of course.

** Find more details in the FAQ, or …

just email me here and let’s chat. I am very easy to talk to and very flexible. ;-) . Here is my email address if you are ready to discuss your P.O.D., Softcover, Hardcover, or e-book project now:

SPECIAL: Get a FREE ebook cover design for your book!!

****I will consider creating a free ebook cover for you if your ebook is about The Awakening and your book is, or will be available to readers for FREE when it’s published. If you have personally had The Awakening (In Lak’ech), then you know exactly what I am talking about and I would love to hear from you!****


I hope to speak with you soon and also look forward to helping you increase your ebook sales by designing a great ebook cover for you.



SO, what are you waiting for? Let’s make a great e-cover together!

Contact me here:

Credit cards accepted through PayPal








My name is Tres and I am an eBook Cover Artist with over 20 years of design experience. If you would like to discuss your ebook cover project with me or get a quote, please mail me here:


This search box will take you right to the StockFresh site and the photos and illustrations you want:

DepositPhotos is also another great option for high quality photos and illustrations. Click here to find images for your professional ebook design.

Visit for more high quality photos and illustrations. Just click here to find images for your ebook cover.
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Quick eBook Statistic #1:

29% of ebook purchasers buy after receiving recommendations from fellow readers on online forums, blogs, and messages boards! Another 4% buy because of personal friend and family member’s recommendations. Another 8% buy because of media or retailer recommendations (that’s a total of 41%! based on recommendations).

Quick eBook Statistic #2:

A FULL 14% of ebook purchasers said they, “Browse book covers and if the cover grabs them, they investigate further” and then buy.

Quick eBook Statistic #3:

11% of surveyed ebook purchasers mentioned they “discover books at libraries, or select primarily by title or book description” .

So… having an attractive and relevant cover, and a catchy title can gain your ebook sales a full 25% or more increase ~!

***As an added value, I can help you with your ebook’s title at no extra cost upon request.***

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- original stats source: Smashwords survey on Mobileread Sept. 2011


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